Freiburg-style sauerkraut pie
Steak with apple r&#246;sti
Zug kirsch cubes

The Swiss Cookbook

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Betty Bossi has been the heart and soul of Swiss cooking for over 50 years. So we thought it was high time we made a collection of some of the country’s most traditional and delicious recipes. The result is «The Swiss Cookbook». It features typical specialities from every canton and region. We'll also be giving you an introduction to characteristic Swiss ingredients, because one thing of which the country can be justly proud is its top-quality produce. Apart from the classics, we'll be showing you some of our discoveries from contemporary Swiss cuisine. This is a passionate appeal in favour of local produce, fresh from the market, resulting in a cuisine that is light but still hearty and satisfying. Thanks to our cooperation with Swiss Tourism, the book contains not only gems of the country's cuisine but also a wealth of information about individual regions, their specialities and their cultural heritage.


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  • Romandy
  • Solothurn, Bern and Valais
  • Northern and Eastern Switzerland
  • Central Switzerland, Graubünden and Ticino